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At Wood Buffalo, we help leaders get to better solutions that move their organizations forwards

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What We Do

We help strengthen capacity for innovation and social change for people and organizations who want to make a difference in their communities. We do this by providing group facilitation, workshop training, and organizational coaching… Because businesses and communities get better when their leaders do.

Our Services

Our Services 


We help you navigate complex problems by providing strategies, and solutions to your specific challenges or goals

Organizational Development

We help you with both internal and external organizational development to unlock your full potential.

Research & Development

We partner with you to drive innovation and growth through comprehensive research and development initiatives

Human-Centered Design

We guide you in creating solutions that prioritize people's needs, ensuring your products resonate deeply and propel your success.

Business Planning

We specialize in crafting tailored strategies and plans to help businesses achieve their goals, whether launching new ventures, expanding into new markets, or optimizing operations.

Housing Design Engagement

We create opportunities for collaborate to shape innovative and functional living spaces that meet the unique needs and aspirations of communities. 

Client Testamonials

The visionary and big thinker nature of the Lead Innovation Consultant is evident in the ideas, resources, and perspectives provided when leading a group. They share case studies, sample programs from comparable communities, international success stories, excellent books, courses, and links to continue the group’s learning after the fact. Their passion and dedication for innovation, collaboration, and rural communities take learning beyond the workshop itself to a whole new level. "

Manager, Family Community and Social Services 

I appreciated the wealth of information and experience they had which was very relevant to our needs. I like the structured approach to planning the program and the flexibility of leaders when I had other tight timelines." 

CAED, Canadian Council of African and Caribbean Heritage 

The Lead Innovation Consultant is gifted at keeping the group on task and driving forward, while paying attention to the details that count. They intuitively know when something needs to be given attention and brought forward. They also know when to move it along."

Manager, City Staff

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Working With the Best Clients and Partners

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Making Notes

Meet Our Team

  • Director of Innovation & Lead

  • Business Analyst

  • Lead Graphic Designer 

Our Team

Jerome Morgan

Director of Innovation & Lead Consultant

Jerome is an innovative strategic leader. Jerome started Wood Buffalo Strategy Group, a design consulting firm that specializes in strategy, human-centered design, organizational development and facilitation. He helps leaders get to better solutions through design thinking and business strategy. Jerome was selected as a 2018 social innovator and changemaker. 

Jerome holds a Bachelor of Arts: Psychology from Ryerson University with a minor in Business Communications and a Masters of Environmental Studies: Sustainable Development and Community Health from York University in Toronto, ON. In 2018 he completed a Post Graduate Certificate in social innovation, strategy and leadership from the Banff Centre. 

We know that growth and innovation is hard. 

At Wood Buffalo we aim to support leaders through the design process so they can solve problems and deliver on impact for their communities. 


Belen Geleta

Business Analyst 

Innovative, analytical, and passionate. Belen is a  Business Analyst and a recent graduate from the University of Calgary. Belen's experience revolves around honing analytical skills, combined with creative thinking, to uncover insights and present them compellingly. From strategically coordinating immigration appointments to developing centralized data libraries as a Data Analyst, Belen's diverse professional experiences showcase her adaptability and problem-solving capabilities. Belen is passionate about combining creativity with data-driven strategies to achieve impactful outcomes.

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Dwayne Holness

Lead Graphic Designer

Innovative, passionate and a visionary are some words that could be used to describe Dwayne Holness. His creativity and entrepreneurial skills have led him to establish Corex Creative, a digital media agency that specializes in corporate videos and branding. Established in 2015, Corex Creative agency has collaborated with TD Bank, Umbro, Coca-Cola, the CSA group and many others to bring their companies’ visions to light. 


As a result of Dwayne’s connection in the music industry, Corex Creative toured with hip-hop’s iconic rapper/songstress, Lauryn Hill and Jamaica’s reggae artist, Chronixx. In that collaboration, Corex Creative handled all digital assets. His company has worked on major world events such as the PAN AM Games. Corex Creative has worked actively in the community; involved with groups such as Manifesto and the City of Toronto. 


Dwayne’s pioneering spirit, knowledge of the industry and humble beginnings have allowed him to use his company as a bridge between aspiring creatives and prospective clients. He mentors young, enthusiastic creatives by providing internship opportunities. 


Here at Woodbuffalo, we're driven by a deep passion for community building. Through a blend of innovative projects and initiatives, we unite communities to address pressing challenges using human-centered design thinking. Below, explore some of our recent endeavors aimed at fostering collective action and driving positive change

Systems Change Catalyst Irvine Carvery Canada Tour 

Affordable Housing Solutions for Black Canadians Hogans Alley, Vancouver

Building Innovation Capacity

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About Us

Wood Buffalo Strategy Group is a consulting agency that specializes in business and organizational strategy, business development, innovation, future-focused leadership, complexity and workshop facilitation.


Established in 2018. Wood Buffalo has been hired to conduct consulting services for a number of clients in the energy field, for profit, municipal affairs, government, health and environment, and not for profit/ social sector.

About Us

What's In A Name? 

It all began in a health care meeting, when an elder inquired, "what's your Wood Buffalo?". She shared that the Wood Buffalo provided food, shelter and tools for Indigenous people. Her ask was a request for us to have a clear purpose for the community. That thought-provoking question became our "why" and the compass that guides us in every decision. No matter the organization or community, we put purpose at the forefront

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